Menção Honrosa no concurso “Memorial Tsunami Competion”, Tailândia

A memorial should be built (when words are not enough).

To re-construct relations between Man and Nature.

The visit to the building should transmit an experience of self-involvement with the sacred value of the site. In a tunnel straight to the Gods the visitor flows in a performance, an ascensional movement achieving a perspective from the sea and the entire coast.

The approach, covered from the landscape, encourages reflection: the impact and horror of the enormous tragedy the significance of compassion, friendship and humanity. The monolithical image of the building erupts from the ground drawing a path over the trees in the omnipresence of the sky. In order to maintain the nature and vegetation of the territory the entire program is organized in a single structure, in a positive and didactic attitude to the future. The construction is conceptually between two walls in which all the program are suspended. In the interior of the lateral corridors there are all different circulation types serving the principal areas. In the base, there is a worshiping space with access to a priviligied exterior area, a scenic point in the cliff, over the sea. From there is possible to reach the sand of the beach through a trial.

Celebrating the human values offering to the Gods.