1º Prémio no concurso Tektónica – Emergências 03

Semi-Finalista na e-competition: POSSIBLE FUTURES Biennale Miami + Beach 2003

Selecção de projecto para representar Portugal na Categoria Profissional em ”Celebration of Cities”-
International Consultation – Union Internationale des Architectes.


SUF designates a system of  Social Urban Furniture. It integrates different shelters to serve temporary homeless necessities.

Suf1 is a model which answers to the basic needs of a homeless as the security of his belongings, in a common garden bench.

Suf2 (1,60m x 4,00m) and Suf3 (1,60m x 8,00m) are shelters associated with public transport stops (bus, tram, taxi,…).

Suf4 is an housing cell with 32 m2 of area connected to a kiosk/shop/cafeteria with a public W.C., bus stop, ticket machine, cash machine… The building can also be adapted to other functions like police office, tourist office, bar, exhibition room, and it could be also used as a traveller’s facility, creating a world travel network.